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Filter Centrifuge


Flat filter centrifuge



Working Principle

The main component of a filter centrifuge is a rapidly rotating bowl mounted on a vertical shaft. There are holes on the bowl, and the inner wall of the hole is covered with filter cloth. During operation, the suspension to be filtered is added to the drum. Under the action of centrifugal force, the filtrate enters the shell through the filter cloth and the small holes on the bowl. Then it is led to the outlet, and the solid is trapped on the filter cloth to become a filter cake. After a certain amount of suspension has been filtered and the filter cake has accumulated to a certain thickness, the feeding is stopped. If the filter cake needs to be washed or dried, the bowl should continue to rotate, and then stop after washing or drying. The liquid is thrown out and the particles are trapped in the bowl. This operation is called centrifugal filtration, and the corresponding centrifuge is called a filter centrifuge.

 When the material particles are fine, the solid phase is small, and the liquid phase viscosity is large, the sedimentation centrifuge can be used, because it can handle the materials with tiny particles that cannot be separated by ordinary centrifuges. Please refer to the sedimentation centrifuge information.


Filter Cloth

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