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Tubular Separator

The factory is committed to the integration and innovation of various separation technologies and system processes such as industrial centrifugal separation, centrifugal sedimentation, centrifugal filtration, etc., and can provide customers with technical consultation, equipment selection, process adjustment to equipment from small test, pilot test, and industrial equipment. complete solutions for production, installation and commissioning. The factory can also undertake domestic and foreign tubular centrifuge maintenance, disc separator maintenance, decanter centrifuge maintenance and other services.


Tubular Centrifuge

Tubular Centrifuge Separator




Using the difference in oil-water density, the high-speed rotating oil-water mixture generates different centrifugal forces, thereby separating oil and water. Because the centrifugal equipment can reach a very high speed and generate a centrifugal force up to several hundred times the acceleration of gravity, the centrifugal equipment can completely separate the oil and water, and only needs a short residence time and a small equipment volume.

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