Chinese medicine oral liquid clarification




The medicinal liquid tubular separator is one of the tubular separators. It is a model specially designed by our company for the traditional Chinese medicine product industry. If it is difficult to separate the components or there is still a problem of floc precipitation after liquid separation, the liquid medicine can be completely recovered and the clarification effect can be improved. Widely used in the separation of biopharmaceuticals, plant extraction and traditional Chinese medicine extraction

The machine does not lose the effective ingredients in the medicine, shortens the settling time, improves the clarity of the product and increases the output. This model is divided into two types: clean type and ordinary type, which are suitable for different users. The products can fully meet the requirements of GMP certification. Traditional Chinese medicine oral liquid has the characteristics of large sugar content, many flocs, fine solid phase particles and small specific gravity difference between solid and liquid. Through this machine, the impurities in the liquid are separated to achieve the effect of clarification. For the separation of various difficult-to-separate suspensions. It is especially suitable for solid-liquid separation with low concentration and high viscosity, fine solid phase particles and small solid-liquid weight.

In order to meet the different needs of the majority of users, our company has GQ series tubular separators of different specifications, materials and types for users to choose. For example, the diameter of the drum has different specifications such as 75mm-150mm. The fuselage has two types: ordinary type and stainless steel clean type. The fuselage has different forms such as front door and cylinder. In addition, according to the different separation processes, tube separators such as refrigerated coil structure and pressurized closed structure can also be provided.

Main features: clean, strong separation ability, simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, small footprint.