Beverage juice clarification



Mainly for the solid impurities and suspended solids in the pulp, the juice is clarified, and after purification, it is more transparent and clear.
The high-speed Chinese medicine clarification tubular centrifuge is a special tubular centrifuge for the pharmaceutical industry. The cleanliness of the centrifuge can fully meet the GMP certification requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. The material contact part and the outer surface of the body of the traditional Chinese medicine clarification tubular centrifuge are all made of 304 stainless steel, which fully meets the requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industries. High-speed Chinese medicine clarification tubular centrifuges are generally liquid-solid separation. Liquid-solid separation is to throw the particles in the liquid to the wall of the centrifuge drum by centrifugal force. The number of revolutions of the traditional Chinese medicine clarification tube centrifuge can reach 16300 revolutions per minute, and it has a strong separation factor. The fruit juice beverage separator has a very good separation effect. It is a high-precision liquid separation equipment.