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Liaoyang Tianxing Pharmaceutical Machinery Factory is an enterprise with 18 years of production of centrifuge separation equipment. The main products include various centrifuges, tubular centrifuges, disk centrifuge, decanter centrifuge, plate sedimentation centrifuge, plate filter centrifuge etc. Since its establishment, the factory has been committed to the integration and innovation of various separation technologies and system processes such as industrial centrifugal separation, centrifugal sedimentation, centrifugal filtration, etc., and can provide customers with technical consultation, equipment selection, Complete solutions from process adjustment to equipment production, installation and commissioning. The factory can also undertake centrifuge spare parts & maintenance and other services.

The factory can also undertake equipment selection and design and manufacture according to the special needs of users. Users are welcome to bring materials to our company for small samples and pilot tests to reduce customer procurement risks.