Application of tubular centrifuge in the field of traditional Chinese medicine



The chemical composition of traditional Chinese medicine in medical equipment is very complex, not only contains a variety of active ingredients, but also contains ineffective and toxic ingredients. Extracting active ingredients and further separation and purification to obtain effective monomers is an important content in the field of traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine extraction is the use of some techniques to extract active ingredients, so that the intrinsic quality and clinical efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine preparations can be improved, so that the effect of traditional Chinese medicine extraction can be improved. Extraction of traditional Chinese medicine is an important operation in the production process of traditional Chinese medicine, and its technological method, process selection and equipment configuration will directly affect the quality and clinical effect of traditional Chinese medicine. The traditional plate and frame filtration method, clarifier method, alcohol precipitation method, resin adsorption method and other processes cannot effectively clarify and purify the extract of traditional Chinese medicine. The efficiency of the extract is reduced. Therefore, in many plant extraction applications, mechanical centrifugation is more effective, more selective, less costly and more efficient than distillation, membrane filtration, etc.

The tubular centrifuge is one of the multi-series tubular separators, which are specially designed for the traditional Chinese medicine product industry and the plant extraction industry.

The tubular centrifuge does not lose the effective ingredients in the medicine, shortens the settling time, improves the clarity of the product, and increases the output. The tubular separator is divided into two types: clean type and ordinary type, which are suitable for different users. The products can fully meet the requirements of GMP certification. It can be used for liquid clarification and solid particle collection, or liquid-solid separation, with a separation particle size of 0.01 to 0.05 microns. For example, traditional Chinese medicine oral liquid has the characteristics of large sugar content, many flocs, fine solid phase particles and small solid-liquid specific gravity difference. Through this machine, the impurities in the liquid are separated to achieve the effect of clarification. For the separation of various difficult-to-separate suspensions. It is especially suitable for solid-liquid separation with low concentration and high viscosity, fine solid phase particles and small solid-liquid weight.

main application:

Oral solution:

During the production of oral liquid, the medicinal liquid needs high-purity clarification. Generally, some impurities in the liquid are precipitated by alcohol precipitation during production. Relatively speaking, it takes a lot of time during alcohol precipitation, and the dregs of alcohol precipitation contain 70% of the liquid medicine is not easy to handle and cause waste. The use of a centrifuge can shorten the settling time and improve the production efficiency, and the medicinal residue can be effectively recovered to reduce waste.

typical application:

■ Antiviral Oral Liquid

■ cough syrup

■ Shuanghuanglian oral liquid


When granules are extracted, the general manufacturers use natural sedimentation or direct concentration. Natural sedimentation will cause a lot of waste, and the quality of medicines produced after direct concentration cannot be guaranteed. The use of our factory separator can effectively improve production efficiency, reduce waste and improve product quality.

typical application:

Radix Isatidis granules

999 Ganmaoling Granules