Choose the right centrifuge to solve separation problems



How to choose equipment to meet the separation requirements? This has always been the purpose of our service. With the continuous innovation and development of separation technology, the selection of separation machinery is particularly important. We need to choose the appropriate one according to the customer's own use requirements, the characteristics of the materials to be separated, and the customer's factory environment.
Separator equipment. And the experts of our equipment manufacturer can use the rich technical experience and field experience accumulated over the years to select the model for the customer and help the user to choose the appropriate equipment.

The factors that should be included in the selection are:

1. Material: According to the corrosiveness of the material to be separated, it is determined that the parts in contact with the material should be made of stainless steel (SUS304, 316, 316L) or titanium, plastic-lined (modified polyethylene) and special duplex stainless steel. Select the appropriate sealing material according to whether the material contains organic solvents and strong corrosive chemicals.

2. The processing capacity and solid content of the mixed liquid of the material to be separated, the particle size distribution of the solid particles, the crystal form or the powder form, etc., to choose the appropriate type of centrifuge and the appropriate type of filter cloth.

3. Explosion-proof requirements: According to the explosion-proof grade of the user's workshop, the material conditions are fully considered in the production of equipment manufacturing and electrical control parts, so that the sealing structure, sealing materials and anti-static measures of the centrifuge can meet the site requirements. If necessary, inert gas protection devices can be added. The electrical control part can realize on-site explosion-proof operation and remote control.

4. According to the user's requirements for equipment automation, automatic separation equipment can be selected, such as SGZ type scraper discharge automatic centrifuge, LW type horizontal screw discharge sedimentation centrifuge, LW type horizontal screw discharge filter centrifuge, horizontal Type scraper discharge centrifuge, etc.

5. The above statements are only some basic parameters of the selection, and the unfinished points need to be determined according to the on-site situation.