Anti-Telecom Fraud Promotional Slogans



Liaoyang Network Security reminds you to stay away from telecom fraud:

All online dating induces investment and financial management are scams

All online mortgage-free loans are scams

All online part-time jobs and bills are scams

All online customer service asking for money in reverse is a scam

All those who pretend to be staff members of government departments such as the "Public Procuratorate Law" and request transfers are fraudulent.

Liaoyang Net Security Friendly Reminder:

1. The social environment must be purified, and fraud prevention depends on everyone

2. Telecom arrears should be verified, and large remittances should be careful
3. Don't be surprised by flying prizes, let you spend money without bottom
4. Crack down on the crime of electronic fraud and build a peaceful and harmonious society

5. Be calm when threatened, and don’t panic when you say you are breaking the law

6. Don’t panic and ask for more evidence, and be cautious once money is involved
7. Beware, do not transfer money easily
8. Don’t panic and ask for more evidence, and be cautious once money is involved

9. Online part-time job brushing is a scam
10. Online mortgage-free loans are scams
11. Internet dating to guide investment and financial management is a scam
12. Claiming that social security, fire protection, and public security laws require transfers to be fraudulent
13. Personal information should be kept confidential, and unknown calls should be vigilant
14. Actively strengthen the awareness of self-prevention, and jointly improve the ability to recognize fraud and prevent fraud
15. Be vigilant about unknown calls, and keep family information confidential
16. Don't panic when encountering an accident, and don't be greedy when you see money; if there is an emergency, you need to verify
17. Telecom arrears should be verified, and large remittances should not be rushed

18. The money card and documents are separated, and you should report the loss quickly and not take it easy.
19. Don't pay attention to unfamiliar information to prevent harm to others
20. Do not transfer cash to unfamiliar accounts to prevent cases from happening
21. All kinds of deception are for money. When you have doubts, ask someone to ask.

22. Be vigilant in online remittance, and verify by phone
23. The money on the account should not be transferred randomly, and the "secure account" is not safe

24. Severely crack down on telecommunication fraud crimes and ensure the safety of citizens' property

25. One is not greedy and the other is not occupying. No matter how tricky the fraud is, it will not work.

26. The windfall is on the lips, and the loss is in front of you.
27. Take precautions against unfamiliar calls, and pay attention to fund transfers

28. To prevent fraud, everyone participates, and everyone benefits from a harmonious society

29. There will be no pie in the sky, tax refund winning is a scam
30. Don't panic when the bad news comes, think twice to confirm to prevent being deceived